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28 Days of Thanks – Microwave

It’s funny how remarkable inventions become rather commonplace to us, so that we forget to consider how helpful they can be. The microwave oven is a prime example, I think.

I surely hope scientists never decide microwaving is dangerous or harmful to our health. That would really rain on my food preparation parade, so to speak. Sure, I cook a lot on my stove and in my oven. But the microwave means dinner can be ready in a snap, if an evening starts to get away from us.

It means frozen foods that somehow never was defrosted earlier can be served the same evening.

It means complicated multi-dish meals can be served hot, all at once, if need be.

It means leftovers can be appealing – in a hurry. Just gotta nuke or zap ‘em.

And did I mention microwave popcorn?

Color me thankful for the microwave oven, even for a seemingly mundane thing. It’s really not.

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