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28 Days of Thanks – Headphones

Ssh! Don’t tell. I love my headphones, but not just for listening to music and other stuff I like. Sometimes I stick ‘em on my ears and don’t even plug ‘em in.

Our nest is a lot emptier than it used to be, as the kids are growing up way too fast. We have one left at home, who’s actually not home much. So one might assume it’s pretty quiet in our house.
Not so.

Somebody retired recently. And that same someone likes to watch daytime TV on full volume, while chatting on-the-stroll through the house on a cell phone.

Did I mention my office is in the home? So my headphones are a lifesaver – at least, from an auditory sense. And probably a stress-buster too.

Yes, I am thankful again. (Hey, turn  that down, would you? I can still hear it through my headphones.)
Vintage/public domain artwork

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