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28 Days of Thanks – Calendar

Gotta start here, especially jumping in a day late. I am thankful for the calendar, especially the opportunity to start a brand-new month. Every month, I fairly sigh to turn the page on the family calendar, which hangs precariously by a couple of wiggly magnets on the refrigerator.

By the end of a month, the neatly written plans have been scribbled and scratched and supplemented with cancellations, changes, and late entries.

That’s family life. Nothing is ever a given. But even when things are amiss, life can be delightful. Maybe that's sort of the point. Riding out the storms and catching curve balls are the stuff of memories in the making.

By the end of October, I am particularly pleased to flip the page to November each year. 

I know this means winter is one month closer, but I find a soul relief in putting the dreary and dreadful October themes of death and darkness behind us and looking forward to the happy holidays of Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s.

So there it is. My first grateful post for the 28-day series this November. Yes, I’m putting it up on the second day of the month and playing catch-up. Watch for the second post a little later today.

And sign me thankful.

Adapted from public domain artwork

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