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28 Days of Thanks – Road Trips

We’re packing it up and hitting the highway for a few days. Nope, we’re not taking our families with us. This is just a group of girls, stowing our suitcases in a couple of minivans (Nope, we‘re not taking motorcycles – I just liked the photo!) and heading for the hills for a weekend of fun. 

You might call this a form of rest and recuperation, although I’m not sure we’ll actually sleep a lot. We’re planning to hoot and holler and hike. We’ll snack and shop and sip lots of coffee and tea. We’ll hit the tiny town for a couple of meals out and maybe a movie. And we’ll come home refreshed.

This is a delightful group of ladies. We have the sort of rapport where we honestly let our hair down, share struggles and successes, and even support one another when somebody laughs so hard she snorts or sputters. This posse of pals is a veritable safety net. Everybody ought to be blessed with such friends.

Yep, sign me thankful for sure.

Adapted from public domain artwork

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